Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 44, Holiday Card Making and Zoolights

The person in front of me at the gym got the last 8:30 AM spin class ticket. At first, I was like "Grrr..." but it actually worked to my advantage because I forced myself to stay to do Day 44 of Crush 60 (all cardio) while I waited for the 9:30 AM class.  The 9:30 class is also an hour (as opposed to 45 minutes), so I burned more calories. :)

The afternoon was focused on making holiday cards. I found these pre-made holiday card bases in my stash...ah, perfect! I used the squirrel stamp that I bought a few weeks ago and cards! I think the gold embossing adds a nice holiday touch.

I caught up with Robyn at Zoolights tonight. We had both been sick this past week, so I'm pretty sure she was ready to get out of the house as much as I was! I was actually a little shocked to see how many people were at the zoo. It's a school night! Go to bed!  Ha ha. Since she’s a member of the zoo, we got free tickets to the carousel and tubing hill. We had to wait several turns to get on the carousel, but that worked out fine because we could scope out which animals we wanted to get. I felt like the oldest non-parent people there, hah. Robyn ended up with the cloud leopard and I got the red panda. There was a kid in front of me with his mouth on the guardrail and his mom scolded him several times. EWW!  I hope he has a strong immune system. The zoo also had a light show outside the elephant house, which I think is a new thing. That was pretty cool to see.

Fun times!


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