Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sumo Deadlift PR

At today's CrossFit class, we were doing one rep max for sumo deadlift. I managed 175 lbs, a PR for me. This is huge considering I started at 80 lbs. on August 24 and 110 lbs on September 9 (both 5 x 3 reps). YAY!

One funny thing that happened was that one of the coaches there was like "Tina, every time I see you, you look tired." Well you see me at 6:30 AM on some days and then after a day of work. Yeah, I'm gonna look tired. Plus, I'd have wipe off all my makeup. At least I'll feel more awake after being in class!

One sad sad sad thing that happened today...Michelle from work asked me "Hey, did you know that the FrozenYo closed?" WHAT?! No! I went to get Jennifer so that we could go out to get some lunch. She literally gasped when I told her the bad news. Wah!

I went to the other gym afterwards for spin class, did some grocery shopping next door, and then to my parents' house to check in. It was very dangerous because Mom made carrot cake and there was ice cream in the fridge.


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