Thursday, September 3, 2015

Work Day Victories, Day 29 and Spin Class

I have 3 surveys in the queue at work.  I was able to send out one today and 10 people already responded to it! Maybe I won't have to pull any teeth to get some feedback! Another one will be sent out next week. The third one will have to wait until my boss gets back, but it doesn't really have to get sent out until later on this month. Even if I did it in October, that would be fine too.

I managed to get my butt to the gym after work to do Day 29: Back. I was still a little sore from all the pushups I did at CrossFit yesterday, but I pushed through it. I had to do some of the exercises out of order because of the growing crowd. There was a towel placed on the pec deck, so I thought it was being used. I circled around a few times and then I realized that the towel and water bottle belonged to the lady using the leg press 5 feet away.  Hell-o?! What are you doing taking up 2 machines at once. Unless you're Gumby, I assure you you can only use one machine at a time. -_- Oh well, what matters is that I finished the workout in time to go home to feed RJ and head over to the other gym for spin class. I'm not sure what happened to the speakers in the room, but the songs sounded weird tonight. It was as if one of the speakers wasn't working so you could only hear the beat of the sound by the singing would be very faint.
Currently listening to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" (shhh, no laughing!) and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Run Away With Me."

I'm so looking forward to my telework and rest-from-the-gym day tomorrow!


Jen W. said...

No laughing here. I love me some good pop! Really liked Bieber's last song too - the one with Skrillex.

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