Monday, September 14, 2015

Committee Meeting, Day 1

Ugh, 13 hour day in the books. When I left the house, my low tire pressure indicator went off so I took care of that before I got to the office.  Then it was a mad dash to set up the room and make sure that breakfast was ready to go and wait for the members to arrive.

Then lots and lots of listening and note taking. I was asked to write notes for this meeting because they are currently hiring for the person that would normally have this responsibility. I could feel my anxiety rise when they were talking about all the projects they want to work on for this fiscal year. I had to remind myself that even though I'm taking the notes for this meeting, I don't have to be in charge of getting these things done. I'm working on some of the projects, but it's not additional work.

We took the committee to a new restaurant near the office. The food was pretty good. The director treated me to a happy hour drink (I got the one called Strawberry Fields), the chicken tacos and about 4 bites of the flan. I was so ready to go home, but I experienced some difficulty getting out of the garage. The large steel door wouldn't open, so I had to move my car back and forth to see if the sensor would pick it up. I was so relieved when it opened after 5 minutes of struggling.

I'm so ready for this week to be over! So tired already and it's only Monday...


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