Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CrossFit, Office Things and Indian Food

Julie couldn't make it to CrossFit this morning, which was understandable given her really late night last night. I went and there were 4 other people in class today. The regular morning coach who just got back from her trip abroad was here for class along with her boyfriend and then 2 of the regulars. Today was push-up day. As part of the warmup, you had to do 6 rounds of plank...on rings...for 15 seconds each. That's a workout just by itself! For the strength portion, I managed 16 pushups with a purple band before I thought I was going to faceplant into the rubber mats.

A few things from work:
  • A new girl is starting on Thursday, and she's going to be sitting caddy-corner from my across the aisle and next to Kara. I hope she won't mind all the talk about cats and candy consumption (we're much for working in public health!).
  • My boss asked me how I was feeling compared to last week when I told her that I could feel my anxiety rising with Sadira departing and leaving me to pick up some of the pieces. Well, this week, I was able to do my part with those pieces and then send them off to someone else, so I'm feeling so much better. It was nice that she remembered and asked. I'm fortunate to have a boss cares enough to ask.
  • I got a request from another director this afternoon. "Can you upload this for me?" She basically shuffled along another request from another director. Um, no. We talked about this at the in-person meeting 2 weeks ago, remember? If staff don't get used to uploading stuff themselves and relying on me to do it, they never learn and they won't get in the habit of doing it and they won't take ownership of the content in the database. I went back and forth of what to do because I didn't want to come off like a brat, but I decided to stand my ground and explain the importance of staff doing it themselves. Her answer was "yup sorry."  Whew. 
I had a craving for Indian food tonight, so I gave into that feeling. Don't worry, I saved some for tomorrow! :)


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