Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CrossFit and a Social Media Observation

Today at CrossFit, we worked on push presses (I'm currently at 45 lbs.) and this is going to be tough because it's an exercise that uses your shoulders, an area that I don't have a lot of strength in. We'll see how this goes over the past few days. P.S. My underwear tag rubbed a raw spot on my butt because of the 65 sit-ups I did yesterday. I never knew that could actually happen. #TIL.

I scrolled through tumblr this morning, and someone from the Crush Facebook group screenshotted a thread and was bashing the owner of the advice he gave (I didn't think there was anything wrong with what he said). Like, really?  What part of "private support group" did you not understand?  I'm glad the owner addressed her comment, defended his answer and also removed her from the group. Ugh, gotta nip that in the bud!

I've also seen an increase of nasty comments that anonymous people are leaving in other people's inboxes to the tune of You're fat/You're too skinny/You don't look healthy and other unhelpful statements. Then there are comments that are more like giving feedback, but perhaps were off in tone and then the blogger responds with something along the lines of "Stop being a hater!" Yes, I can see how being bombarded with comments either way would be absolutely exhausting, but how do you draw the line between constructive criticism and hate? Just because the person, anonymous or not, is trying to point out something doesn't mean that he/she is wrong or ill-intentioned. Maybe if you took a moment to tease out any morsel of advice, the statement might actually be helpful.

Perhaps this observation is a sign that I'm getting older...and gasp, thinking more like an adult. I'll get off my soapbox now.

The office was really empty today, like tumbleweed-empty. Because of the Pope's visit to DC, people had the choice to work from home to avoid the traffic and Metro crowds. I had the live feed of the Pope parade on. It was so cool to see the energy from the crowd!


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