Monday, September 28, 2015

CrossFit and Another Non-Scale Victory

I mustered the energy to get out of bed this morning to 6:30 AM CrossFit (even though I did Crush60's Day 35: Performance workout basically 12 hours earlier). I had a feeling that Julie was not going to be able to make it because of coming home very late this morning from New Jersey. I knew that Eileen had signed up for class, but she wasn't there when it was time to warm up. I rowed by myself, and then she showed up to finish up the warm up.  The strength exercise today was chin ups, same as last Friday's class. I was about to increase my max reps from 11 to 15 using green and black bands. Grrr.

These coral pants that I was able to put on after many years in the closet...I wore them to work today with a belt. YAY! I also got compliments at work on my new pink sneakers. Sadly it's not really flip-flop appropriate weather anymore, but fortunately, I'm prepared with these cute shoes!

I caught up with Michelle at the office. She told me a funny chat that she had with her kid, D, about a possible housewarming party.

Michelle- "Who do you want to invite?"
D- "...Can we invite Tina?"
Michelle- "Sure, we can invite Tina."

 D- "Can she bring banana pudding?"

Ah, smart girl.

I stayed at the office later than usual, but just when I was going to give up on the contract that I was working on, it was time to meet Sirin for happy hour. Blah, that contract can wait until tomorrow. I have all day to turn it in anyway.


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