Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kensington 8K and a Flat Tire

I woke up bright and early today to do another round of volunteering at the Kensington 8K packet pick-up (Volunteer Activity #6 of 2015). There weren't as many bibs left, so I'm assuming that many people came to pick theirs up after work last night. I went down to the start line and wow, you could feel the energy in the air. The race benefits 3 schools in the area so there were lots of kids and strollers and pets running around to cheer the runners. I went looking for a childhood friend's father who was going to be running in the race (Cait- are you reading this? Ha ha), and I was successful! We caught up for a little bit and then it was time for the race to start. He mentioned the Turkey Chase that's happening this November, so I'll probably see them at packet pick-up again.

One funny moment was when the volunteer coordinator asked me if she needed to sign my SSL(student service learning) form. Students in the county have to do a certain amount of community service hours prior to graduation. Aw, she thinks that I'm in high school.  Hah. I told her "No, thanks, I'm good" but didn't explain why.
The rest of the morning/afternoon didn't go as smoothly. I noticed my tire pressure indicator go off as I was driving home. It was weird because it had gone off on Monday and I addressed it before work. Why is it going off again? When I pulled into the nearest gas station, I realized my front passenger tire was almost flat. I could hear the air hissing out of the tire! I eventually got a tow truck to drive it to a tire store and since they were backed up, I didn't get my car back for another couple of hours. So much for going to CrossFit this morning! Sigh, oh well, good thing I didn't have anything pressing to do today, and at least the car is back to its regular self!

Robyn came over to eat dinner and hang out...mmm, Pacci's!


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