Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer 2015 Reflection

Now that’s it’s September 1st…hang on, let me flip the calendar page to acknowledge that it’s true…I wanted to sit down, reflect and document what has transpired over the past three months. It’s been an eventful summer, and eventful in a sense that I did 3 things that I’ve been wanting to do, but have been afraid to do them.

1. I ventured into the weights section of the gym. I’ve been spinning for 7 years and slowly got into doing weights at home at the beginning of 2015. I went to Tumblr for inspiration and ideas for ways to switch up my workout routine. On June 28, I bought Crush60 after weeks of hesitating. On July 1, I marched myself to that section of the gym and did Day 1’s workout. I finished Day 28 last Friday, so whew, almost halfway there.

2. In addition to the regular gym, I started going to a CrossFit gym, as encouraged by my sister. I went from “No, thanks, maybe next time” (a nice way of saying “No freakin’ way in hell!”) to mustering the energy to go a few times a week, sometimes for the 6:30 AM session, as I did today and yesterday. It’s tough to not feel energized when the coach is yelling “You can do it. Come on, Tina! Come on, sisters!” 

3. I got my nose pierced. Sorry, not sorry, Mom.

I think what these things have in common is that I had to summon 20 seconds of courage (long enough for a few deeps breaths) and just show up. There are people on the sidelines on the internet and IRL who will push me along the way. Has it been easy? Hell NO. Were there times that I thought I could not do another side raise/bicep curl/burpee/tuck-up/wall ball/(insert exercise of choice here)? YES. With all those feelings of exhaustion and occasional self-doubt aside, I’ve seen a positive change in how I feel about myself and that’s so rewarding!

I’m excited to see what the next 3 months bring. On the to-do list so far are to finish Crush60 and attend my 10-year college reunion (?!).

P.S. I made it to the 6:30 AM CrossFit session today.  Good news: I sumo deadlifted 105 lbs this morning, so new PR, woot!  The timed workout was 800 m run, 35 tuckups and then another 800 m run. I had to switch to regular sit-ups halfway through and felt like a turtle that couldn't get up.


Jen W. said...

You have rocked the summer, Tina! It's been interesting to see the change in your blog this year too. A lot less talk about food and bargains and more about your fitness routine. It's really inspiring!

Laura said...

Whoop whoop! You've been killing it, Tina, and it's so awesome to see your positivity and happiness shining through! :)

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