Friday, September 11, 2015

Home and Burgers

It was a trying telework day. The coworker that I complained about last week still doesn't have his act together. The consultant that we've been working with seems to be taking forever to address the changes that we requested about a month ago. And the call to discuss that project went over by 30 minutes. Not something that you want on a Friday afternoon. We all want to start the weekend, hello?

I wanted to go to the 5:15 PM CrossFit session to workout my frustrations, but I got about a mile or two down the road and realized that traffic was going to be too bad to get to class on time. I turned around and took a nap instead when I got home.

Julie came over with Five Guys burgers, fries and a strawberry milkshake. We watched Home, which my coworker Jennifer let me borrow. It was an odd movie...some cute parts, but mostly odd. The best part of the movie, I thought, was the cat (of course).

Always Remember.


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