Monday, September 21, 2015

CrossFit, Cinnamon Rolls and Compliments

I got the workweek started off right with going to CrossFit with Julie. Maria and Eileen were there too. Coach Arielle is on travel for work so the co-owner, Maddie, was there to coach the class. We worked on our back squat (I'm at 65 lbs.) and then we did the timed workout with lunges, push presses, and lateral jumps. I also went to the 6:00 PM spin class to avoid taking a nap on the couch and messing up my sleep later on.
I had a bunch of things that I needed to review for work, so I asked my boss's boss if I could telework (my boss is still in Switzerland for work). I got an IM from a coworker saying that my cinnamon rolls that I order from another coworker's kid came in (she was doing some fundraising for her cheerleading team). Cinnamon rolls and a reimbursement check were enough for me to put some pants on and drive the 3 miles to the office. One of the administrative assistants had a huge Rubbermaid container with candy. Of course, I had to ask her what the story was. Apparently, the course that she was helping with last week was on sampling, so they used candy as props. They gave her the rest as a thank you for helping out. Hah!
Dangerous, dangerous stuff!
One cool thing that happened today was that the spin instructor and my sister complimented me on my progress (my sister specifically pointed out my arms when I stopped by the house after spin class). It's nice to get the feedback, and it just keeps pushing me to work hard.


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