Saturday, September 12, 2015

CrossFit and New Dress

Julie couldn't make it to CrossFit this morning because she had to go to work, so I went on my own. Today's workout involved pull-ups and 3 rounds of the following: 20 pistols (basically one legged squats. I used a bench so that I wouldn't accidentally fall on my butt), 20 snatches and 20 burpees. The cap was 12 minutes, but since there wasn't anyone waiting for the 11:00 AM class, the coach let us go until we were done. My time as 13:20. Whew!

I went to the mall this evening to get some steps in and get some dinner. Some of my clothes are fitting so well anymore, so I also went to JCPenney armed with a coupon. I found a pretty fall-ish dress, size 8P (starting point size 10/12). I haven't been in the single digits since, like, high school maybe? YAY! I'm hoping to sell some of the old clothes on Ebay to fund my new clothes fund :)

I went to Chipotle to get some dinner. The person making my chicken burrito totally overstuffed it so much that the tortilla burst. They had to double wrap it. At least I'm getting my money's worth, right?  Heh. I parked myself in front of the tv and watched some episodes of Daredevil on Netflix.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Your hard work and exercise is paying off....lovely dress. Bet you feel good too!!!

Laura said...

You look awesome - love the new dress!! Whoop whoop single digits!

Jen W. said...

That dress is gorgeous! Whoop whoop on the single digits! That's two whoop whoops this week - you are winning! :D

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