Thursday, October 1, 2015

Telework Day, CrossFit and Spin Class

Whoo hoo, telework day!

(Wow, it's already October...)

I was so ready for CrossFit after I closed up my work computer. Yay, let the weekend begin! We worked on push presses. I added 5 lbs to my weight last time, so now I'm up to 50 lbs. Then for the METCON, I did 10 box jumps, 20 sit ups, and 40 lb farmer carry (5 rounds of this). The sit-ups totally slowed me down. I think I'll challenge myself to do 20 inches box jumps to 24 inches. And since I still had some energy left over, I went to spin class afterwards. I need to burn off all the candy I've been eating at the office, ugh! To be fair, I only ate one mini Snickers today.

Hang on, let me pat myself on the back.

I did some grocery shopping after spin. Does everyone else notice the explosion of pumpkin spice anything at the grocery store? Wow. With that said, I picked up some pumpkin spice cream cheese to eat with my cinnamon raisin bagels. I also picked up a mini apple pie for Julie because she's been working really hard at work, then off to my parents' house afterwards to check in. Julie wasn't home from work yet, so I went 2 houses down to hang out with my cousin and his girlfriend. It's nice to have family so close by! :)

To get into the fall spirit, I painted my nails a deep purple color today.


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