Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gym Time and Pancakes

The residual bad mood from last night's events bled through to this morning, but instead of staying in bed in a funk, I went to the gym for the 8:30 AM spin class. Truth be told, I did go back to bed after class because I didn't feel like last night's sleep was all that restful. I did get my butt out of bed to go to the other gym location for Day 37: Leg Day. I was really lacking in motivation, but I told myself that if I could make it through the workout, I could go to the Thai restaurant nearby to get some pad thai for dinner. Surely enough, one rep at a time, I got through it. For the most part, I was the only woman in weights section and it felt empowering. You want to watch me squat and deadlift in my colorful tights? Fine. Look, but don't touch.
In an effort to procrastinate thinking about what fall-inspired food item to bring to the office potluck on Tuesday, I searched for pancake recipes instead. I found this one from Martha Stewart (Recipe #6 of 2015). I think this is the first time I've made pancakes myself, if you can believe that. Heh. Pancakes for second dinner!
I ate half of these and saved the rest for tomorrow :)


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