Saturday, October 24, 2015

10 Year Reunion, Day 2

OMG, I was so tired last night that I slept a full night in my contacts! ARGH! Fortunately they were not glued to my eyeballs. I did wear glasses today to make sure they could breathe though. UGH...

Anyway...we ate breakfast at the hotel and then walked over to campus. Meg and I wanted to go on the dorm tour (Robyn went to another event and then later caught up with us halfway through the tour). It was cool to see what had changed on campus since the last time I was there which was only 2 year ago! One of the freshman dorms was torn down and a nice pathway was created connecting one of the main roads to one of the other freshmen dorms. My old freshmen dorm is no longer housing students and they are renovating it to make it into offices. Meg's old freshmen dorm was upgraded so that there are elevators (everyone had to schlep their belongings up the stairs), laundry rooms on every floor (instead of in the basement) and air conditioning. I felt old..."Back when we were here..." Hah. The dorm that we lived in for sophomore year had been converted to mostly doubles, when they were originally suites.

After the tour, we went towards the football field for tailgate and lunch. Suzie went to get some work done in the library, while the rest of us watched some football until the first quarter was over. I wanted to go visit the Science Center, my old stomping grounds...Meg went to take some pictures and Robyn went to the building where her politics classes were held.
I walked down the hall in the Science Center to the chemistry department and there was a student in the Asylum, the student room. I asked for a piece of paper so that I could leave a note for my chemistry professor (I was supposed to have a meeting with him at 2, but his flight was delayed and wouldn't be getting in until tonight). I chatted with the student who was a junior for a good 15 minutes about what her plans were and what professors were still there. The old couch and pillow that were there from when I was there were still there (?!), which grossed me out and warmed my heart at the same time.
Home Sweet Home
"The Couch"
Meg and Robyn eventually found me, and Robyn took us back to the c-school where she found some bumper-car desks that looked like UFOs, hah. Robyn had the bright idea to get some ice cream at the local ice cream shop, Sweet Things, so we walked over there. While we were enjoying our ice cream (I got a scoop of pumpkin pie ice cream with a waffle cone), we saw Suzie walking by so we caught her attention and she joined us. We also had a chance to Facetime Page to see what she was up to. She looked in good spirits, considering her mom had passed away earlier this month.

We made our way back to the hotel so Suzie could drop some stuff off and then we went back to campus so she could do her book signing and we could grab some dinner at the BBQ and wine tasting. The BBQ dinner was good and I had some of the sangria, but I didn't even finish my glass since I'm not much of a drinker. At some point, a couple that participated in the tour earlier in the morning asked if he could join our table. The guy was in the same year as us (his wife didn't go to WLU), but I don't remember him when we were in school. It was cool to see how conversation flowed (this was in contrast to some other young alumni that sat with us and didn't bother to make conversation, grumble). The event ended around 9:30 PM, and we headed to the Palms for drinks and snacks before calling it a night!

One weird thing today was that the neighbor who gave me sloppy hugs a few weeks ago sent me a Facebook request. Um, no.


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