Monday, October 5, 2015

CrossFit, Cookies, Spin Class and Work Anniversary Card

I met up with Julie for 6:30 AM CrossFit this morning. The usual crew was there too (Maria and Eileen). We worked on our hang squat clean (I upped my weight to 40 lbs, but next time I'm going to go for 50 lbs).

I brought the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I made yesterday to the office and within an hour, they were all gone. Reggie came by to bring me the empty container. Michelle gave me one of the pumpkin butter chocolate chip cookies that she made over the weekend to share. YUM! I'm glad she only brought me one because I would have gone back for second and thirds, etc.

My 7 year work anniversary is on Friday, and of course, right on schedule, I got my work anniversary card in the mail today (along with a snail mail letter from Suzie). Since I had energy at the end of the work day, I went over to the other gym for the 6 PM spin class. I gave Nancy the instructor some of the cookies I made because she periodically alludes to them and how yummy they are. I had 3 cookies left over, so those went to Julie, Hugo and Michelle, which I delivered after class. Hooray, they are all out of my house!


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