Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Office Potluck

I felt awful and congested this morning. I woke up to feed RJ his breakfast and sent a text message to my sister to let her know that I wouldn't be making it to CrossFit this morning. The few extra hours of sleep really helped and I actually managed to get myself to the office this morning. I did have a casserole dish of pumpkin macaroni and cheese for the potluck after all, and there's no way I would have been able to eat it myself.

I mean, I could, but it would have been an awful idea!

The office potluck was a big hit! I only came home with a little bit of the mac and cheese leftover (like a few bites). There were other tasty items that people brought in: shepherd's pie (Shari), sweet potato au gratin (Michelle), and my personal favorite- cinnamon rolls (Jennifer used a Pioneer Woman recipe). She brought in 4 trays and since there were a lot of leftovers left, I took one of the trays home with me. Heh. YUM!


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