Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day Off

I decided to take the day off today because there wasn't anything important to do at the office. Plus, with being away and social all weekend, I felt like I needed have a moment to myself and reset my house, i.e. run the dishwasher and do many loads of laundry. I went to CrossFit with Eileen in the morning and worked on our push-ups. Our regular coach Arielle will be in Guatemala for the next 3 weeks, so Maddie and Rob will be taking over for her while she's out.

I went home, took a quick shower and then headed over to the MVA for my vehicle emissions test. I was the third car in line and the actual test only took 2 minutes. This was my first emissions test I've ever done, if you can believe that. With the car that I drove before I bought my Fit, Dad always took it for maintenance...but now that I'm a grown-up (hah!), I figured I should take care of it myself. Everything was done before 9 AM.

My boss texted me last night that there were lots of leftovers from the reception that was held for the Board of Directors and other VIPs at work. She specifically mentioned the sugar cookies. Aw, man. I debated going to the office after the emissions test, but decided that it wasn't really worth it to sneak in and sneak out. 

I went to the Walgreens nearby to get a new hairbrush (plus I had $5 worth of points to use). I dropped the one I currently have and the handle broke off, but I never felt the urge to replace it until now because the plastic coating is peeling off and it's kinda gross. I also picked up a package of Haribo Cola gummies for Julie as a thank you for tolerating RJ's early morning wake up calls and a package of peppermint Oreos for myself. It's not quite the holiday season yet, but they were calling my name!

My cousin got one of his wisdom teeth removed today and he was terrified. He's been putting this off for several years. However, he was pleasantly surprised because it only took 15 minutes and the numbing shot didn't hurt too badly. I brought him ice cream (Haagen Dazs was buy 1, get 1 free at Safeway so I bought strawberry and limoncello...he chose limoncello) and he looked totally fine. Pish, what a big baby.


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