Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

9:30 AM spin class, check! I was going to go to the 8:30 AM class, but all the bikes were reserved. That's okay though because the 9:30 AM class is an hour, as opposed to 45 minutes. I needed the longer class to burn off some of what I ate yesterday at the anniversary party! When I put my stuff near my bike, the person who had the bike in front of me for the previous class told me that she was taking an intro CrossFit class this week (not at my box, but another one). She had asked me about CrossFit a few months ago, so I'm glad to hear that she's taking the least dipping her toe in the pool.  Ha ha.

There was a new person sitting in the bike next to me. I told her before the class started that she should get a towel. She went through the whole class without water and a towel (?!). Sigh. She also thought the class was going to be only 45 minutes. Oops!

I went to the grocery store next door after class to get some flowers for my aunt and uncle for their anniversary. I thought about buying some for myself, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. (When I went to drop the flowers off later, they happened to be having beef noodle soup for lunch. “Tina, would you like some?” Sure! I'm not going to turn that down!)

I went to another grocery store to get some cake donuts for my sister (ok, and some chocolate iced Bavarian cream ones for myself ), and there was a huge flower display in the front. I had a “F this! Treat yo'self” moment. It’s Valentine’s Day, and my birthday in a few days, why not? So I picked out 2 sets, one dark pink and one yellow. Now they are in a vase in the entryway.
I got cleaned up from the gym after I got home and took a nap with RJ hogging the middle of the bed, as usual. Now I'm waiting for the delivery guy to show up with my Indian food and I'll catch up on the Arrow episode that I missed this past week because I fell sleep on the couch.  Heh.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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