Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Back Squat PR and Progress Pictures

Left: June 29, 2015. Pre-Crush60. I purchased the program the night before, and this picture was taken after I had gone to the gym and ventured over to the weights section for the first time to figure out where everything was. Day 1’s workout was completed on July 1.

(Flash forward a few months. I joined my sister’s CrossFit gym along the way.)

Right: This morning, November 3, 2015. It’s test week at the CrossFit gym, and I PRed my back squat at 135 lbs (1RM). Considering I was working with 90 lbs last week, I’m feeling pretty good about it. I was hoping for bodyweight so that I could get my name on the whiteboard, but I'd rather not injure myself. I’m almost done with Phase 2 of Crush60 (Day 39 was this past Sunday).
In other news, I had 5 teleconferences scheduled today, 12-5 PM. My boss was nice enough to let me telework because otherwise, I'd be taking up a conference room for basically half the day. One of the calls got cancelled, which was a relief!

Today was National Sandwich Day and in honor of that "holiday," Subway was doing a buy one, get one free deal. I, of course, took advantage of it and gave Julie the free sandwich. As I was walking around the mall, well, specifically JCPenney, they didn't waste any time putting up the holiday decorations! (eye roll)

After dinner, I finally gave in and dyed my hair and watched The Aristocats on Netflix, sitting on the bathroom floor while waiting for the dye to process. Darn greys. Heh.


Laura said...

congrats on the PR!!! :)

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