Friday, November 13, 2015

Atlanta, Day 3

Today was only a half day meeting, thankfully. We ended at noon and then it was time to clean up the room and head to the airport. Luckily, because of the timing, there wasn't much traffic on the roads, but it was a different story when it was time to get in the security line. I was probably in line for 30 minutes, which is unusual for me in Atlanta (but, then again, usually, I'm leaving around 4 PM).

A few notes from today:
  • We recently did a 360 review at the office where employees were supposed to rate their respective supervisors. Well, I think this is a good idea in theory, but I'm not sure how useful it is if people aren't completely honest. In my case, I'm the only person that reports to my boss, so no matter what, she'll know that the feedback came from me. Yeah, that's no awkward, right? Fortunately, I only had nice things to say. At breakfast, my boss told me that she got an email from Human Resources with my comments. "That meant more to me than feedback that came from my boss." Oh.  Well, good! :D
  • During this meeting, I had been sitting against the wall, in the corner while most people sat around the big table. Which was totally fine because I didn't have anything to contribute to the conversation as I was mainly there to soak in the information. At the end of the meeting, the facilitator had asked everyone what they were going to do to keep the momentum up from the meeting. Hey, that's something that I can respond to! I decided to take the seat that my boss's boss vacated. My boss made eye contact with me and nodded. I'm glad I could contribute something and prove that I was paying attention.
  • On the plane, I was so ready to get home that I sat in the wrong seat. 20A instead of 21A. There was a little shifting of people and rows so that I could get to where I needed to be. Heh.
 I got so many compliments on this dress! JCPenney, folks. There are lots of gems there!
Almost home!
When I got home, Christmas music was playing on two of my radio presets (UGH, too early!) and then I turned on the TV to see the chaos in Paris. WTF?! I only watched the coverage for a little bit before I had to turn it off because it made my heart sink for everyone over there (and other places in the world that were experiencing a natural disaster or a terrorist attack). :(


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