Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Camera Purchase

Holy ****! 11 AM CrossFit today was no joke. It’s Coach Mike’s birthday so we did a workout dedicated to him. He turned 25 today, and it’s November 28. He did the same workout scheme below with the 10:15 AM class but with more advanced moves, and the challenge was to beat his time. Understandably, he didn’t do it again for the 11 AM class with me and Maria. Instead Andy coached the class, and Mike and Maddie sat in the corner and ate Dunkin Donuts donut holes. Ah, they earned it since they killed it in the previous class.

25 Pull-ups (I did it with some bands)
11 Thrusters (55 lbs)
28 Burpees
25 Push-ups
11 Hang clean and jerk (55 lbs)
28 Burpees
25 Sit-ups
11 Front Squats (55 lbs)
28 Burpees

My time was 24:28. Those burpees just about killed me. My shoulders hurt so bad, and I thought my body was going to give out towards the end. BUT, as always, I summoned the strength and made it through the workout. And I didn't cry, not that I ever have in class, but the urge is sometimes there.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I felt like it was holiday appropriate to hang up my Christmas wreath. Notice how it’s high up that the cat won’t get to it…

I also went shopping to upgrade my camera (my current one is easily 10+ years old…) and also bought a new liquid lipstick. The camera is awesome, but the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Vampira applied patchy and is so, so drying. I looked up what time Sephora closed at another location and drove over there to exchange it for a Sephora Lip Cream Stain (a cheaper alternative...$14 vs $20 and I know I can trust the formula since I own 4 other colors).
I don't know why he's looking out for Santa already. It's too early and he's on the Naughty list!


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