Monday, November 16, 2015

Split Jerks and a Compliment

Today at CrossFit, we worked on split jerks, a move that I hadn't done before. All I could think about was "OMG, please let me not have this barbell fall on my head!" I worked with 50 lbs, so we'll see how this goes over the next few weeks. The Metcon, the workout was 21-15-9...power clean and lateral burpees. I thought I grabbed a 15 lb barbell, but really it was 35 lbs. I was wondering why I was struggling with the workout. I went to record my time and weights into Wodify, and my sister pointed out, “Didn’t you have more than that? I think you used a 35 lb bar.” Wait, what? Oh, yeah, I guess I did. Wow, that means I did 55 lbs for the workout…no wonder that was tough!
One of my friends at work caught me at the elevator before I left the office today.

"Tina, I got my birthday card from the office, but it wasn't one that you made! What's up with that??!" 

She looked shocked and horrified that she'd get something store bought and mass-produced because that hadn't happened in a a few years.

Well, HR's reasoning was because of "cutting costs." Anyway, it was nice to know that my efforts mattered to someone and she was looking forward to getting something that I made.


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