Sunday, November 1, 2015

Inferno Day

I posted my Halloween look on Facebook yesterday and it was so positively received. Should I tell them that all I know about applying makeup came from YouTube?  Hah.

Anywhoo, I started off the day with going to 8:30 AM spin class and then going to the grocery store next door to get some stuff to make a batch of the one pot beef stroganoff recipe I found on Budget Bytes. Yum yum yum!

I went to the other gym location earlier this evening to crank out Crush60, Day 39: Inferno. A few observations: a) I'm not sure where the rowers went.  Did the ghosts and goblins take them away?  What gives? b) The town didn't waste any time putting the holiday wreaths up on the light posts. Halloween was only yesterday, folks! c) Those burpees were killer (4 sets of 10), especially since I did 62 yesterday at CrossFit!


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