Thursday, November 12, 2015

Atlanta, Day 2

Ok (deep breath). Day 1 of meeting…check! 

Everyone (my bosses, stakeholders, meeting attendees) seemed happy at the end of the day. Well, especially after that group dinner. We went to a Chinese food restaurant that one of the meeting attendees recommended. She actually ordered for everyone and we sat at 2 tables with the circular tray in the middle and passed the food around. My favorites were the orange chicken and the dumplings (of course).

I was equally as happy (and thankful) that I was not in charge of taking notes for this meeting. It was nice to soak up the information and not have the pressure of having to get everything down on the computer.

Two cool things from today:
  • I overheard one of the feds tell my boss's boss about how good of a job one of the staff back at the office is doing. The staff member is pretty new, but apparently, she "has hit the ground running." I was sitting behind the two of them, so it was easy to eavesdrop. I sent the staff member an email to let her know this had happened to brighten her day. I know it would have brightened mine if someone did that to me.
  • I got an email from the Executive Director earlier tonight. He wants me to be on the interview panel for his new administrative assistant since the current one is leaving at the end of the month (WAH, I'm so sad about it!). I was kind of shocked, but wow, what a boost in confidence to know that my opinion mattered.
Anyway, it’s nice seeing everyone in person, but I’m glad to be heading home tomorrow.


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