Monday, November 23, 2015

A Good Review on My Cards

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! We worked on thrusters today. I added 5 lbs to last week’s weight, so now I’m at 60 lbs. With the shoulder workout I did yesterday, this felt extra challenging. For the Metcon, we did lots of jump rope, sit-ups and wall balls. Coach Maddie- “For those of you who can jump rope but need to work on their double unders, I want you to attempt at least 5 double unders per set. (Pause) I’m looking at you, Tina.” Oh, heh, ok ok. I actually was able to do several double unders in a row, so I'll take after not being able to do any when I first started CrossFit.

The policy director at work liked what I came up with for his card order…and he gave me a little more money than I had asked for. I was nervous on what he'd say about the Greek column card because that's the one that I had the most difficulty creatively. I just wasn't as confident about my execution of it as I was with the other cards I made.  "Oh, this is exactly what I was thinking. This one is for my dad." WHEW!

The Executive Director sent an organization-wide email this afternoon, recognizing 2 recent meetings that were well received by our members and praising the staff that were responsible for the behind-the-scenes work. One of the meetings mentioned was one that I worked on in Atlanta 2 weeks ago. Aw, that was nice of him to acknowledge a job well done.

While I love my job, I have turned on my out-of-office notification in my Outlook and plan to really enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday. No work until next Monday. Wheee!


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