Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Push-Ups in a Small World

CrossFit Test Week Day #3- Push-Ups. I was able to do an unassisted push-up with 5 lbs on my back. I tried for 10 lbs but the weight started sliding off because my form was faltering. I increased my max reps from 20 last week to 26 today using black and red bands for assistance. Whoo hoo. I'm glad that Maria came to class today because it's been a while since we've seen her at a morning class. Good thing we didn't have to send out a search party.

Trainer: Pop Quiz- what touches the ground when you do a push up?
Maria: Your chest.
Me: Your hands and feet.

Heh, it's true though...but not the answer he was looking for.

The workday went well, even though the highlights of my day have nothing to do with work. I went to lunch with Morgan and caught up with him. I also got a text message from my friend Jenny about our intern. Wow, small world! I introduced myself to her on her first day at the office. Her boss asked me to be her mentor, but then I later found out that interns don't get mentors. Err...
I picked up a book at the library called "The Missing Ink" (a book about handwriting) at the renovated library near work. They have a different holds system than the other older libraries. There's a wall of lockers on the side of the building and you enter in the last 5 digits of your library card into the keypad and the locker with your holds pops open. Very very cool!


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