Thursday, November 5, 2015

Push Press PR at CrossFit

Today was Day 4 of test week at CrossFit. It was the first class for one of the coaches. She seemed familiar, maybe she subbed for one of the spin classes I took a the gym a while back? Anyway, it was a full class today so we had to share barbells for our push presses. Last week, I was working with 70 lbs and today we were asked to do our 1RM. I was able to do 90 lbs, which was tough. I tried for 95 lbs, but didn't make it very far. Hey, I'm happy with a 20 lb increase! I was a little slow in getting my dumbbells for the AMRAP workout. All the 15 lbs ones were gone so I had to work with a pair of 20 lbs for the dumbbell thrusters. OMG, that was so hard, especially with the push presses we had just worked on. Agony!

One of the co-owners squashed a huge ugly cricket before the AMRAP. Jackie and I were horrified at the guts. He went into the bathroom to get some Lysol and paper towels to clean up the crime scene. Gross.

Afterwards, I went to spin class and then my parents' house to raid the fridge. Julie is out of town so she texted me to let me know there was food at the house for me since she wasn't going to be able to eat it: half a Subway sandwich and the crumbs at the bottom of her bag of chips.


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