Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Atlanta, Day 1

I'm glad that I was able to make it to CrossFit this morning because I'm not sure how much gym time I'll get in while I'm in Atlanta. We worked on our thrusters and then in observance of November 11, the AMRAP was 11 Pull-ups, 11 OH Walk lunge (each leg), 11 Push-ups and 11 Plate squats. Since it's Veterans Day, I didn't have to go to work before going to the airport. Truthfully, I came home to shower and went back to bed for another two hours.

The flight was uneventful because I basically slept the whole way. Once I met up with my boss, we made a trip to Target to get candy and candy dishes for the meeting and Office Depot for folders to put our meeting materials in. The Chinese food restaurant to get take out and then the hotel to check in. We set up camp in the breakfast area to stuff the folders so we wouldn't have to do it tomorrow.

We had a 5 minute debate in the candy aisle on what to get. Chocolate was a definite. I horrified myself by saying "What if there are people that don't want chocolate?" Is there such a thing?  Well, yes...Julie. There must be other people out there like her, those crazies. "Well, then they are out of luck." I think I gave her a look or whined or something because eventually she gave in and I put a back of Starbursts into the cart. Bah ha, I won. We were going to use Star Wars folders for the meeting because they were on clearance, but unfortunately there weren't enough. That would have been super funny! Last funny thing of the night, the Chinese food restaurant knew my name when I called them to place the order while we were driving (efficiency!). I guess that's normal for restaurants, but it totally caught me off guard.

I inhaled these dumplings while watching Arrow. Yum!


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