Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bench Presses at CrossFit

We worked on our bench presses this morning. I learned that you're not really supposed to lift straight up. Instead, there's an angle to the movement. As Maria put it, "The bar is supposed to end below your boobs" (not at my boobs, like I originally thought). Ah, that's a reference I can understand. We all laughed because of course, she could say it, but it'd be weird for Rob the coach to say it.

I wore my hair down today and put on some vampy lipstick before going to the office. I walked by the receptionist to say good morning and she said, "I see you looking glamorous. I see you. You're like a budding flower."  Hah...errr, thanks? This isn't the first time she's mentioned something like this. I find it kinda amusing. Sometimes, I wonder what the big deal is.
Most of the day was spent copying and making labels of the meeting tomorrow. And since this was my last day in the office this week, I had to make sure that I didn't forget anything!


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