Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Day Off

My boss was nice enough to let me take the day off since I had to work on Veterans Day last week. I went and bought a new doormat and worked on some cards in preparation for Saturday’s craft fair. I actually wanted to replace the black welcome mat outside because what's welcoming about a black welcome mat? Sorry, I think that's dull and boring. It was leftover from the previous owners and I hadn't had the desire to replace it until now. I went to Kohl's because I had a $10 off coupon. I didn't fine any that would be appropriate for the outdoors, but I found an owl one to replace my red one that's indoors. It's a little unraveled in the corner because of RJ. I couldn't let such a good coupon go to waste, so sure, I'll replace the red one too! It was already marked down 50% and then with the $10 coupon, it came out to $2 and some change. Bah ha!  I then went to Target to see if I could find an outdoor mat, but didn't find one that I liked that would be appropriate for all year round. There are lots of cute holiday ones though. There was one that said WOOF, but that's not really the language that we speak in this house.

Then I went to 5:15 PM CrossFit. Ryan was in the 4:30 PM class was red in the face and dripping sweat. Oh nooo. If he had a hard time, how are the rest of us going to survive?? Well, Coaches Monica and Rob already saw me so it’s not like I could go back to my car. Heh. I let out a whimper of some sort and everyone laughed because I'm sure they knew what I was thinking: I'm gonna die. Monica came over to give me a big hug of reassurance. Thankfully Eileen showed up to do the workout with me. Today was thruster day and then we did a partner workout. One person rowed for 15 calories while the other person did wall balls…and you switched once the 15 calories were done. 10 minutes of this fun stuff. I still mustered the energy to go to spin class afterwards though. Go me!

After that, I went to visit my cousin who’s in town from California for the Thanksgiving holiday. What an awesome day off!


Jen W. said...

That mat is adorable and I love the cards! I'm especially diggin' the pooches and the butterflies.

June K said...

Good luck at the craft fair.

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