Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Holiday Nails

8:30 AM spin class, check! It was a full class (25 people). Everyone probably wanted to work off their Thanksgiving dinners. I know I was! The room felt like a sauna when the class was over and done with.

Afterwards, I went to visit Julie who came home this morning from a 1.5 week volunteer trip to Nicaragua. It took her ~3 hours to recap the first half of her trip! We got to a good stopping point in her storytelling so I could go home and she could continue decompressing from her odyssey home.

Normally I would go back to the gym to do Crush, but I looked at the weather outside from my couch when I got home and thought “NOPE.” The dreariness was definitely a deterrent. I made the best of the afternoon by cleaning (bathroom, makeup brushes, clothes) and redoing my nails (China Glaze in Vertical Rush, Maybelline in Bold Gold, Bundle Monster Plate #310).


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