Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gotta Take the Bad with the Good

Let's get the crummy stuff out of the way first.

Bad things that happened today:
  • I decided to try Arby's Mandarin Peach iced tea at lunch today. OMG. SO GROSS. I do not recommend it. I saw the cashier put the iced tea in the drink container and then squirt like 5 pumps of flavored syrup in it. That should have been a sign. I really tried to like it because it was like $2 (I really should have gotten water). Blech.
  • Did my taxes with Dad tonight. One word: WAH. Good thing I had leftover birthday cake to drown my sorrows in.
Moving on.

Good things that happened today or just things of note that aren't long enough to get their own paragraph:
  • Hung out with Suzie this morning and afternoon before she had to go to the train station. During our trip to Michaels, I overheard a woman in the parking lot say the following: "Do I have a reason to go to Michaels? No. Do I go anyway? Yes." Ha ha. I know the feeling!
  • Suzie and I got new sneakers at DSW. I really needed new ones. The ones I have now are like 3 years old and parts of the bottoms are worn/ripped. I tried on a few pairs and didn't like them and then when I put these new ones on, I was like "Ah. Great fit." I like them because they are grey (white gets dirty easily) and pink (how girly).
  • Mom sent Suzie home with 2 containers of food and cake. I think when any guest comes to visit, it's almost guaranteed that she (or he) will be sent home with food.
  • Got these new Starburst GummiBursts today. They are liquid filled gummies (strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon). YUM. I definitely recommend them. They make up for that yucky iced tea that I got earlier. I'm almost done with the bag. Oops. Oh wait. Mmmmyep, they are all gone.
  • Have you guys seen this MasterCard commercial? It's an oldie, but a goodie. The commercial popped in my head recently for some reason, and I love it.
The end. Sorry, no card today. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow, hopefully!


Annette said...

I love that video!!! I wish it was still on the air!

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