Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Son of Snowmageddon in Full Force

OMG, I dunno if today's snow storm was worse than the one on Saturday. That storm was bad because of the snow accumulation, but today's storm was a double whammy. We got several inches of snow tacked onto the snow that fell during the previous weekend AND the wind was whooshing around like crazy! It made me nervous to watch the Rock Creek Park trees sway back and forth in the distance. The wind was so bad that the county put a stop to the plows because of the dangerous driving conditions. The Feds are closed again tomorrow for the fourth day in a row, which means more cardmaking time for me! :)

Anyhoo, picture time. The picture with Ginger needs a caption that says "Stoopid hoomin." Ha ha. She left the room shortly after. Shocker. Check out how much snow is on top of my cousin's tea house. It's insane!
Here's what I worked on today. Easter is coming up, so I moved my Etsy Valentine's Day related items to the Clearance section to make way for Easter goodies, i.e. the origami rabbit Easter card. A custom order came through tonight and this is what the buyer requested: "I was hoping for a card that has a glass of lemonade on the front maybe with a lemon wedge and then across the bottom is says "Lemonade Kisses" with small lips next to it." The finished product is on the right, based on this card sketch.
It's been quite a productive day today. As much as I am a homebody, I'm going to be really happy to be able to go to the gym or something tomorrow or Friday.

Whoo hoo, reached 101 blog followers tonight! Thanks, peeps! :D


Victoria said...

Aww, Ginger is so cute! I like your lemonade card too - it makes me thirsty!

customdesigns4ubynan said...

We had a great storm too on Long Island. We were spared the one from last weekend. I grew up in MI where it snowed like that all the time. That's why I left! Love your cat.

Lauren said...

Very cute! Rhode Island has been lucky to just get a little snow, but nothing crippling. Stay warm and I wish you luck getting through the weather!

Piggy said...

Ginger is cute! :) Wow. you are up to Easter cards already! That's fast.. keke :) Love the lemonade card too.

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