Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dallas, Day 2

The training conference today went well. I saw people that I saw at last year's conference, and I introduced myself to some new people. Well, I've communicated with them through email and phone, so it's nice to put a name/voice to a face.

I wish I had taken more pictures during this trip, but I wasn't really feeling the landscape. Maybe it's just not one of those things that you force. I did, however, appreciate the view from my window. I liked the different colored chairs and the tall buildings in the background.

After the training today, I went to find some Mexican food. Success! I ate enchiladas for dinner again, but from a different restaurant than last night. These were yummier than the ones last night. The sour cream sauce was so good!

Random observation: on my way back from the restaurant, I noticed a couple having what looked like a heated conversation with lots of gestures and expressions. As I got closer, it looked more like a couple having a heated conversation through sign language.

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I have another day of training tomorrow, but I'll be going back to home base tomorrow night. As much as I like this nice big hotel bed, I'd rather have my bed at home. Even if I have to share it with my cat and all her cat hair and her weight on my feet.


lollywood said...

I'm from Dallas and I agree about the landscape. There are some nice spots, but you really have to search for them. One thing easy to find though is definitely good mexican food :)

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