Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hills Are Your Friends

"Hills are your friends," said Jeff the spin instructor at tonight's class. Yes, how true. If you don't have any obstacles in your life (physical, emotional, and mental), how will you every find out how strong and resilient you are? I guess it's the going up part that's tough, and it's not always clear how long it takes to get to the bottom. However, when you do reach the bottom, you can look behind and see what you've accomplished. (Yes, very deep...)

I don't have a unique card to share with you all tonight. I came home from spin, took a shower, battled with my computer for a little bit, worked on cards, watched Real Housewives of NYC, and made more cards. I'm pooped. Gonna try to make it to Anna's Super Spin class tomorrow. It'll be my second-to-last class before I go to Dallas for work next week (I'll be missing Monday and Tuesday's class...wah!). Later, gators!


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