Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Did Spring Go?

Seriously, where did spring go? I feel like we skipped it and went straight to summer. I mean, I appreciate it, Mother Nature, since you pounded us with snow a few months ago, but I think this is a little quick. Oh well. I'll just enjoy the "no jacket weather," roll down my car windows, and rock out while I drive. Yes, I'm in the annoying car next to you with the loud music. Ha ha.

This morning, I found that one of my origami dress cards was featured on the Invitation Buzz Blog. Check out the post here. What a neato surprise! :)

Did anyone watch the 2-hour 24 tonight? It was awesome. So was spin class. 'Nough said.

Tonight, I focused my work on origami troll cards. At past craft events, they were a big hit. I found it amusing when people would peruse the table, and I could tell the instant that they found the troll cards because the people would laugh. I'm hoping that they'll generate the same reaction on Saturday. I finished my card making off tonight with a card that we'll be giving to the neighbors with a baby blanket to welcome their new baby boy to the neighborhood.


Claire said...

the origami cards are so cool - especially the baby chick!

Anonymous said...

Love the baby chick card!!


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