Saturday, November 6, 2010

Denver, Day 1

Whoo hooo. Got here in one piece. Mission accomplished.

Ok, so do I have some sort of gravitational force that attracts Mr. Huffing-and-Puffing's? There was one behind me in line at the bank yesterday and then today, I sat next to one. For the whole flight to Denver. I wasn't sure if he was just having a bad day or he's just really a jerk. I initially thought that he was cute, but after the flight, I was so ready to get away from him. He was very annoyed with the fussy baby a few rows back. Oh, come on. The baby can't help it. And I assure you that your huffiness a) doesn't make you look cooler (actually, it makes you look like a total a$$) and b) will not quiet the baby. Geeze, BE NICE.

But at least the person on the other side of me on the plane (I had the middle seat) was really nice. I was rummaging through the front seat pocket, and she asked me if I wanted a book to read (I noticed that she was working through some Jane Austen/Ben H. Winter books). I politely declined since I brought Charlie St. Cloud with me. When I was trying to get off the plane, I mashed the book between my chin and chest because I couldn't find place to put the book as I got my carry on. Some kids were in the way. The nice lady saw me struggling at little and took the book from my chin and held onto it as I got my bag. :)

My first impression of Denver was "Wow, it's really, really, REALLY flat." The mountains in the distance were really cool. It's definitely not a view I get in DC, that's for sure. When I was on the plane, I was thinking "What if I can't find something to eat?" Which ended up being a really dumb thought because there's food everywhere in downtown Denver. I wandered up one side of the street and came down the other side. I saw some older men playing chess and horse-drawn carriages and just TONS of people in general. I guess that makes sense since it's Saturday.

Check out the car on the side of the building. Two questions: a) how did they get the cars there? and b) how is that really supposed to convince me to go with that insurance company? Anyway, onward. I found a yummy chocolate shop in Downtown Denver and those blue raspberry apples definitely caught my eye. I mean, come on, they are like neon blue. I'm not a fan of blue raspberry flavored things, but the color was definitely eye-catching. Check out my dinner from Maggiano's: chicken marsala, garlic bread, spaghetti, and broccolini. Yummm. Eventually, I'll make my way to the gym so that I can work off that dinner. Whew! I might have to roll myself down there.

Oh, there was also some sort of Marine Corps Birthday Ball thing going on at the hotel. Man, do I feel underdressed with my t-shirt and shorts! :P

Don't forget to change your clocks tonight!


Angela said...

Those apples are so cute!!

Glad you had one nice person next to you on the plane. I had some huffy - puffy people at the post office a couple of days ago.

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