Monday, November 8, 2010

Denver, Day 3

Today was my first full day at the conference, and I actually had a lot of fun. Yes, that is possible. I went to two sessions in the morning- one about quality improvement (because that's kinda related to my current work) and another about the effects of fast food marketing on children (because I did some research on that in a paper that I did during my Master's program).

I paid $2.25 for a banana today. 1 banana. I felt like I really need to have some sort of fruit, but wow, that was like highway robbery. I made a mental note to just buy food outside the convention center. It'd be more economical that way. I knew that the prices would be sky high. I guess I was just desperate this morning. On another food related point, when I finished up with my poster session this afternoon, I went outside to get some lunch and immediately spotted a cupcake truck (Sweet Revenge). I wasn't planning to get a cupcake today (or during the trip then. The truck people were definitely strategically parked. For dinner, I had a cobb salad. The place I got it from ran out of eggs. How does one do that?! Oh well, it was a yummy salad. I'm glad to have some veggies to balance out that cupcake. Here are some food pictures from today.
Like yesterday, I ran into people that I knew: another former co-worker, one of my former professors from my Master's program, and (this was the most surprising one) a friend from high school! I hadn't seen him since graduation. I called out to him and then introduced myself in case he didn't remember who I was. He was like "Tina! I remember you" and gave me a hug. We chatted for like 15 minutes. My former professor said that I looked thinner. Is that a weird comment for a professor to make? I dunno. I'm still mulling over that. As for my former co-worker, he introduced me to someone that was also at the booth and he was like "Oh yeah. I know you. You're in that picture in Mary Ann's office." Mary Ann was my former boss. It's nice to be remembered. :)

Tomorrow's another full day at the conference, wheeeee!

P.S. Today was a full day in heels. It's sneakers tomorrow, for reals.


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