Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spa Day Pictures

Meh, not feeling so crafty tonight. I'll tackle Moxie Fab World's Tuesday Trigger at some other point this week. The cookie looks pretty yummy! Oh, speaking of yummy, we got free breakfast at work today. I snagged 2 things of yogurt. That helped me get through 3 back-to-back 1-hour conference calls. OMG. I'm glad they were productive...and even happier that they are over.

Anyway, I almost got sidetracked about food (shocker). Instead of sharing a card, I'll share some pictures from Spa Day aka Jenny's bachelorette party. The self-timing function on the cameras came in handy. My nails/toes still look really good. I haven't experienced any chipping so far! Check out Jenny's bling. Hee hee hee. (Hi, Jenny.)


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