Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Portland, Day 1

Whew. I made it. Hello, Portland, OR. You're very rainy.

My first impression of Portland was that it's probably really green and pretty when the sun is out. There are evergreen trees everywhere. This is in contrast to the concrete jungle of DC and LA (where I had my layover).

The hotel that I'm staying at is quite nice. The front desk lady told me that I got an upgrade. Huh? That was unexpected (I hope the hotel bill isn't a big shock). I have a nice big king bed (of which, I'll probably sleep on one side) and 2 TVs in my room. Are they expecting me to have a party in here? Ha ha. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the Christmas tree that they put downstairs. The hotel is also pet-friendly so there are lots of dogs roaming around. I want to go pet all of them. The lobby also have activities for kids like an easel with paints and a Wii. I'd go play with the Wii but I think it'd be weird to play by myself in front of random people.

This time difference thing is like whoa. My body is still on East Coast time, and I feel ready for bed, but it's really only 6 something. Tomorrow should be interesting.


Stamper for fun said...

Very lovely tree. Gosh, you had to go through LA to get to Portland? Ugh!


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