Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Portland, Day 2

Whew, 12+ hour work day. At least we got stuff done though! That's all I really care about. Get. It. Done. Work resumes at 7 AM tomorrow. Whhheeeee.

Lunch was super yummy (and quite filling) today. My group went to the restaurant in the hotel and ordered from the menu. I got the pulled pork sandwich, which came with potato salad. The sandwich was pretty good, but I'm rooting for the potato salad. I was surprised that it had a kick to it since the the stuff that I'm used to is ore on the sweet side.

After work was done for today, we went to this fundraising event that was taking place at the hotel this evening called the Red Ribbon Party for World AIDS Day. Activities included Drag Queen Bingo, Live Auction (travel oriented packages), Raffle (comfortable travel items) and Belvedere Vodka Drinks served on a Red Ribbon Ice Sculpture. I only stayed for the Drag Queen Bingo because I was just so tired from my day, but that was pretty amusing. They also had men walking around in tiny Speedos and a woman walking around in a bikini and spraypainted in gold. I felt out of my element, to say the least. Hooray for new experiences, right?


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