Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movies at the Office, Day #2

The feature presentation at the office today was the movie 21. I was in the middle of a conference call so I wasn't there when the movie started and by the time the call was finished, the movie was well underway. And since it's kinda tough to see a movie from the middle, I decided to go outside and get some lunch. I ended up getting a little more than lunch. In a good way of course.

I started out at Panera. The line was too long, so I left. I went to Potbelly. Same problem. Fine, I'll go do some shopping. I saw clearance signs everywhere. I started out with Ulta, where I found a clearance section of nail polish. I found two that I liked from China Glaze: a bright green and a very deep navy blue. Check out the regular price- $6.50 each! And then the sale price. Mwah ha ha ha. I love a good deal! Then I went to Borders. No no no. I wasn't looking for books! That'd make too much sense. I was looking for chocolate. I found some peppermint bark from Ghirardelli that was 50% off. Score. Yummm. As if I didn't have enough chocolate running through my bloodstream already. And then finally, I went back to Potbelly and got my roast beef sandwich. :D

I'm still on a find-new-origami-models-to-fold kick. I saw this video on how to fold an origami elephant last night. I practiced with some regular ol' copy paper earlier tonight and then when I found that it wasn't that difficult, I used some grey origami paper. Woot.


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