Thursday, December 2, 2010

Portland, Day 3

WiFi at the airport = awesome. I'll be able to keep myself occupied until my flight at 7 PM. Yep, it's a red eye flight. I could have gotten an earlier one, but it would leave around the time that my meeting was scheduled to end. This was the next available flight. Thankfully, I have no trouble sleeping on the plane.

The meeting today did indeed start at 7 this morning, but thankfully, it wasn't too difficult to wake up. It closed up on a good note too. I'm sooo glad that we got the notes all typed up, next steps ironed out, and even follow-up conference calls scheduled. Hooray!

Quick stories:
  • I was walking around town today, and this guy who was promoting some non-profit children's organization recognized me when I passed by him the second time around. "Hey, I've seen you already today. You have the cat pin (I have one on my peacoat). Do you like all cats or just that one cat?" Uhhh, all cats? I'm not picky. I guess preferably ones that are not mean and like to take naps with me.

  • I noticed that people in Oregon are very friendly. People are always saying hi. I noticed that especially when I was walking around the mall after the meeting was over. When I asked the guy in the first bullet where the MAX station to the airport was, some woman overheard me and actually walked me to the station. Then, when I got to the station, the guy behind me in line helped me get my MAX ticket. "Can I help you make a decision?" Why, yes, you can. I felt a little embarrassed because hello? I've been taking the DC Metro for a very long time. How difficult could it really be to figure out the ticket machine, right? :P

  • On the MAX this afternoon, I overheard a guy talking about how he had just gotten out of jail today and something about his parole officer and going to treatment. Isn't that a little TMI?

  • Check out the cool soda bottle (made from aluminum) and the silver performer dude? I wonder how long it takes to get all silver like that. I bet that stuff isn't that great for his skin.
Now for a crafty weekend! :D


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