Friday, December 10, 2010

Origami Box Skillz

Recent funny IM conversation with my sister:

[22:42] me: new post is up
[22:43] sister: ok, read
[22:44] me: that was fast
[22:44] sister: it's short
[22:44] me: okok
[22:45] sister: and you aren't talking about quantum physics, so i got it all in the first time
[22:45] me: lol i will never be talking about quantum physics
[22:46] sister: whew, thank goodness

I ran around this evening trying to get some grocery and Christmas shopping done. When I was checking out at the grocery store, the cashier commented on my 4 packages of margarine and 2 containers of cocoa: "You look like you'll be doing a lot of baking soon." Yep, you betcha. Cookie exchange at the office on Monday. I hafta deliver!

I was looking around for a box to put a present in, but couldn't find one. I was tempted to use the cardboard box that my contacts came in. My sister was like "You don't have anything better?" Yeah, the cardboard box probably wouldn't get me points for presentation.


Ah HAH! I can MAKE my own box. DUH. What a BRILLIANT idea! I referred to the tutorial found on SplitCoastStampers, red cardstock, and paper from Me & My Big Ideas- Sugarplum. How festive, right?


Brook said...

The Megster and I used to make tons of these little boxes out of old Christmas cards. They're so cute. I feel inspired to make more!

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