Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lunch With Steph

I was able to catch up with one of my bestest friends, someone that I've know since I was in grade school, Steph. She moved out west a few years ago, and we keep in touch pretty frequently via phone calls. She was in town for the holidays, and I was happy to be able to meet with her over lunch at TGIFriday's and catch up in person!

Besides lunch with Steph, because the restaurant was inside a mall, I was able to exchange my new running vest for a larger size and benefit on some of the end-of-the-year sales that the stores were having. The mall was packed! Perhaps this is a positive sign that the economy is doing better and people have money to spend?

Before heading out to lunch today, I made this valentine to post in my Etsy shop. Can you tell what it is? It's supposed to be a Scottish Terrier. I love how the jiggly eye adds a whimsical touch to the card.


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