Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Fall-Winter Craft Fair #4 and #5

Whew, I survived! I survived a back-to-back craft fair weekend, one Saturday and one on Sunday. These two ended my craft show season on a good note. The fair on Saturday was a church event that I had done last year and had a good time despite the snow. It was really flattering to have people come up and say that they recognized my work, that they were happy to see me again, and that they wanted to buy more cards from me this year. The fair I did today was at one that I hadn't been to before. I heard it from Leslie of The Crooked Stamper, who was also a vendor at today's show. This was a juried show, but we both made it in because we sell very different types of cards. She focuses on stamped cards, whereas I pulled out all my origami card inventory. My stamped cards that I've blogged about were in a box on standby. Anyway, now I have some fun money in my pocket to buy fun crafty supplies. Maybe some clear stamps or fun paper? I dunno. I haven't decided. I know that Hero Arts's 2011 catalog is coming out soon. This could be dangerous, but at least I'm prepared!

I saw these neato carved soaps, pottery, and painted artwork at the show today. I included a picture of my space below.
Did anyone see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Pt. 1)? Of course you did! I'm only like a few weeks behind. Pish. I wanted to wait to see it with Meg and Robyn (Meg hooked us up with free tickets to see it last night, yay). OMG, it was so good. I almost cried. Almost.

Song of the day: "Bigger" - Backstreet Boys. Don't judge, mkay?

BLAH! Tomorrow's Monday. That's nuts. The end.


maureencracknell said...

You're too funny! I haven't seen it yet, waiting for it to come to our little town. Thanks for not giving any of it away for those of us who haven't yet. : )

Peggy said...

Where was your craft show today? I attended one at Wakefield Park in Burke, Virginia, this afternoon. This time I DIDN'T buy a new tote bag! :)

Plantress said...

I just did my last one too and went out on a strong note. Now, I suppose I should wake up my etsy shop and bring it back to life!

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