Monday, December 6, 2010

Giveaway...Well, Sorta

Can you hear that? Yeah, that's the wind blowing away outside. Yikes! But as miserable as it is outside right now, I did venture out earlier to go to the gym. I was NEEDing to go to spin class because I haven't been to one since before Thanksgiving. Eek! It's nice to be back home and into my usual routine.

Since I'm done with my craft fairs for this season, I'm going to be listing a lot of the extra cards on Etsy BECAUSE when I was looking at my Blogger stats, I noticed that I reached 300 posts recently. Yipee! Instead of doing a giveaway like I did for #100 and #200, I'm going to do a sale for my blog readers only. Enter in coupon code BLOGLOVE and receive 20% off your total purchase at my Etsy shop. That includes clearance items, but not shipping costs. This offer will end on December 31, so get some Christmas cards and stock up on birthday cards for 2011!

Photoshop and I will be BFF for the next few days. :)


Miss Rebecca said...

Sweet stuff! 300 posts is pretty admirable! Way to go!

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