Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Denver, Day 5

Ah, bummer (no, that wasn’t in a sarcastic way), it’s my last day in Denver. I spent the morning getting some work stuff done, and then a group of my coworkers and I headed to the local public health laboratory. The director of the laboratory was nice enough to take time out of his day to give us a guided tour of the place. It’s amazing and impressive how much stuff goes on there (and the hospital that it’s located in). The services they provide to the community really make a difference in ensuring the public’s health, and it was pretty cool to see it in person, rather than just imagining what it’s like. The staff at the hospital takes care of the patients in the building, but also goes out into the community to help the homeless, intoxicated, and those less fortunate. I thought it was funny that the director gave us some history about the art in the building. If there was an especially interesting piece of art, he’d stop and tell us the story behind it. He told us later that he picked out most of the art in the laboratory wing, which explains why he knew so much about the pieces displayed. I guess that’s one of the perks for being the boss. That guy retains so much knowledge, it’s nuts.

To prove that it really did snow last night, I saw this car parked in the garage with snow on top. I thought the squishy things in the phlebotomy (blood drawing) section were cute all lined up like that. And check out all those supplies and petri dishes, wow!

I noticed that the people at the Denver airport were nice. The guy that checked my ID was like “Oh, you could be a professional chef, like a sous chef.” Har har. So clever. Play on my last name. Like I haven’t heard it before. Then the baggage security guy was like “Where are you headed to?” DC. “Oh, the District of Comedy.” I’m not sure how I was supposed to read that comment. Maybe he’s not a fan of the politics that happen downtown? I’d take the corny jokes over the staff at DCA or ATL any day, those grouches. Interestingly enough, I saw on the news today that Denver was voted one of the most “laid back” cities. Yep, I’d say that was pretty accurate.


Southern Belle said...

I want snow! wouldn't mind visiting Denver either.

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