Thursday, January 13, 2011

In-Person Committee Meeting, Day 1

Whew! What. a. day. Today was Day 1 of my in-person committee meeting. I was happy to see that most people were able to make it into town considering the snowy weather we've been having on the East Coast. I'd say that today was productive, and with the strategic planning we did in the afternoon, it's nice to have some direction.

What's worse- falling asleep during a meeting or having someone call you out for falling asleep? That happened this afternoon to a meeting participant. Oops.

If you've been following my blog, you're probably very familiar with the committee meeting routine. There's lots of eating. This afternoon we had Middle Eastern food: hummus, chicken, rice, salad, and my favorite part: baklava. And then we took the group out to dinner tonight, where I had my usual chicken pot pie. I convinced the 2 co-workers to share a dessert with me: "a Chocolate Uprising, which is a chocolate brownie layered with vanilla ice cream, Callebaut Belgian chocolate and a warm caramel sauce." Everyone's eyes just brighten when they saw it brought to the table. After it circled around once, it still landed on my side. Yep, it tasted as awesome as it sounds.

It'll be an early morning again for my tomorrow. My goal is to get to the office at 7 AM. My ability to get to the school bus before 6:30 AM during high school is really a mystery to me.


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